Affordable Luxury Vacation Spots

Best Affordable Luxury Vacation Spots


Luxury travel does not mean to always break the bank. Enjoying the clean sheet and hot water or some room service is always available in some country that you never think before. So, if you are up to luxury vacations as well as affordable one, here are some countries which can be your next destinations.

Moganshan, China

Moganshan is located three hours from China capital city for like three hours away. This place is a mountain retreat; a perfect place if you seek more peace in mind. Wealthy people worldwide come to this place in the 20th century to enjoy the bamboo plantations as well as outdoor activities. Several luxury resorts emerged in the area among the tea plantation.

Antigua, Guatemala

You find everything, literary everything from this city. Located for about two hours away from Guatemala City, Antigua offers South American wines, European cheeses, and Central America Rum with the very affordable price for approximately under $10. The city also provides affordable accommodations to stay. Moreover, the city products are also incredible; papayas, strawberries, pineapples, and avocados are the best fruits you can easily find there. The surrounding restaurants are available in various ranges from the cheap to the expensive one. The only bad thing in this place is the beer; in fact it is the lowest rank in the world. However, if rum and wine can satisfy you; the Antigua is perfect for you.

Affordable Luxury Vacation Spots - Patagonia

Patagonia, Chile

The collection of the rainforest, national parks, and mighty mountains are the face of the Patagonia. It considered as one of the most stunning places on earth. Looking at the mountains, you surely think that it will be a rough holiday. No, it does not have to be that way. There are collection luxury resorts with plenty luxury activity such as horseback riding, boat tours, and fishing are the list activities that you can do. The best-rated luxury accommodations are Singular and The Tierra Patagonia.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

If you are looking for a beach getaway at a more affordable price; Cambodia is the great place to start the vacation. Neighbor to an exotic country, Thailand, Cambodia also has incredible tourism spots with various price ranges from the affordable to the high-end accommodations. You can choose the one which match your style most.

Marrakech, Morocco

The splendid combination of desert and beach makes Morocco is a truly attractive place for vacations. One of the best cities is Dakhla in the South of Morocco where the world famous destination for surfing especially wind and kite. Once the night comes, you can enjoy the Dahkla’s nightlife. If you want different adventure, the desert trek can be your good choice. Speaking of staying in Morocco, you should not miss the Calipau Sahara Hotel which is a high-end hotel. The hotel owns private beach for your amazing holiday. However, there are also plenty of luxury accommodations which offer magnificent features while you stay in the county.

Luxury holiday does not mean to be always deadly expensive – luxury means that you enjoy your time in the destination and bring back sweet memories.

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