Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Japan

The Very Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries for a holiday. The fast developing technology with well-preserved culture makes this country is beyond unique. Besides the rich culture, nature and scenery are always one of a kind. If Japan is in your mind for the next holiday; you probably want to check out the two biggest cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, for the luxury boutique hotels to stay during the vacation.


– Tokyo indulge luxury traveller with numbers of the hotel with various range. It is the heaven for people who seek for top range luxury properties with excellent hospitality.

  • Aman Tokyo

    – this one is a real urban resort, the newest in the city with the most exciting high-end property. The resort offers the combination between intimacy and luxury. You will not believe that this place has spacious lobby with unbelievable stunning views of the Imperial Palace and the entire Tokyo as well as the Shinjuku skyscraper. If you are lucky, on the clear days, the view of Mount Fuji is on the frame.
    Aman Tokio Website

  • The Peninsula Tokyo

    – this place is the favorite among connoisseurs. The hotel provides spacious rooms with delicious cuisine. The Peninsula Tokyo is located in very strategic location in which travellers can reach there within walking distance from the Ginza neighborhood.
    The Peninsula Website

  • Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo

    – if you prefer smaller yet luxurious place to stay; the For Seasons Hotel Tokyo is the solution. The hotel provides spacious and modern rooms. It has all the amenities from the entire world-class luxury hotel. The only drawback from this hotel is the lack of splendid panoramic city as the most high-floored hotels has.
    Four seasons Website

  • Hotel Claska

    – for the newlywed couples who seek more intimate as well as less crowded place to stay; the Hotel Claska is the options. It has the intimate and artsy hotel as well as one of the small boutique hotels in Tokyo. It only has 18 rooms with unique decorations, roof deck, cool boutique, as well as stylish lobby with DJ booth. Located in the Meguro neighborhood; this hotel is a great place to stay with quieter ambience.
    Claska Website


– as the second large city after the capital city, Tokyo, Kyoto has its own hidden jewel which attracts travellers around the world. Here are the lists of luxurious places to stay while in Kyoto.

  • Hotel Kanra Kyoto

    – this hotel offers a stylish and modern Japanese décor with the total 29 rooms. The first time you enter the lobby, the subtle aromas and well-lighting atmosphere which change according the season will welcome you right away.
    Kanara Website

  • Hoshinoya Kyoto

    – to reach the hotel, you need to ride a boat and soon when to arrive at the spot; the dramatic entrance to a peaceful garden will feast your eye. In this hotel you will feel that you are away from the world’s hustle and bustle.
    Hoshionoya Website

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

    – this hotel has the elegant infusion between the modern touch with authentic Japanese aesthetics. Located in the very strategic location in Kyoto, this hotel can be your options for your accommodation.
    The Ritz-Charlton Website

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