Luxury African Safari Vacations

Luxury African Safari Vacations That You Have to Visit

For those of you who want to have a life changing the experience for witnessing the amazing landscapes and wildlife in Africa, luxury African safari vacations are the perfect options for you. You will not regret because you will not see them in any part of the world, so it is the perfect time for you to take these luxury African safari vacations.

Segera Retreats

If you want to get the ultimate luxury of African, this is the new wilderness safari which is set in 60,000-acre which is located in Laikipia Plateau in Kenya. You can also get six beautiful villas that all facing Mt Kenya. All of the villas at Segera Retreats come with a sundeck which is supported with Jacuzzi and also the main lodge that will make you get an experience of spa facilities, salt-water pool, steam bath and also the gym. You can also find a couple of options of three dining areas with their delicious food, the gourmet meals that they offer come with beef from the Segera itself and a couple of home-grown veggies. Besides, a couple of luxury facilities, you can also experience private art collection which is the largest in Africa. This art collection features exclusive photographs which have been taken by Michael Poliza.

Malawi and Zambia

South Luangwa national Park in Zambia is the wilder are in Africa that you have to come. This is the place where you can find a couple of big stronghold animals such as lions, leopards, and elephants. You can experience this trip from Chinzombo which is the camp of Norman Carr Safaris. After that, you will the finest Safari in the banks of the Luangwa River which is designed by the same group of architects which built North Island Lodge which is located in the Seychelles. This is the place that has been used for the honeymoon of Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. After that, you have to go to Lake Malawi where you can experience clear blue water with a lot of its beautiful tropical fish. Pumulani is another spot that you can visit. This is a stunning beach lodge which is owned by Robin Pope Safaris. At this lodge, you can villa which is featured ten air conditioners. You can see a lot of local wildlife such as bushbuck and over 300 bird species like the eagle of Verreaux.

The Ant’s Nest

This is a perfect old colonial villa which is located on a game reserve which is very private in the Waterberg highlands. You can find six amazing guest rooms which are perfect for those of you who bring your family for a safari. The atmosphere of the villa is homely and relaxed. If you bring your children with you, they will feel comfortable with the 15m outdoor pool which is very relaxed. There are a couple of other activities that you can do such as horse riding, bush walks, and game driver. At this game driver, you have to search a couple of wild animals such as leopards, rhinos, and also sable antelopes.

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