Luxury Resorts in Florida

Four Top Luxury Resorts in Florida


When talking about luxurious travel, the first vacation spots to come in mind are Hawaii, Maldives, Caribbean, Bahamas, or somewhere half across the globe in the south Pacific. However, actually without leaving the country and fly for hours; the same luxury vacations can be obtained. Yes, the warm weather Florida is on the list. There are plenty of luxury resorts ready to provide you with the most extravagant accommodations during the vacation. There are high-end amenities which include five starred hotels and restaurants, golf courses, spas, as well as fitness clubs all available with the ocean view. Make sure to note down the following lists for your next vacation reference.

  • Little Palm Island

    – this is a hidden jewel of Florida which is located in a small private island. To resort is accessible only by boat or airplane in private. From the moment you enter in this island, the resort does not need to say it; it is all classy on its whole own. The accommodation can be found in discreet for about 28 bungalows in total which scattered in the island. The suites have the rustic elegance with Polynesian flair; while the rooms feature unique touches such as whirlpool tub or outdoor shower with a bamboo fence. All the rooms are designed for total relaxation which means that there are no televisions, telephones, or even alarm clocks. There is plenty activity to do; the popular choice is spending the time on the beach.
    Little Palm Island Website

  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Spa and Resort

    – the building of this resort has the Victorian era touch with turrets, roofs, and verandahs. The entire Victorian era decorations bring back the guest to the pristine age. Disney’s Grand Floridian spa and the resort are built on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon for about 40 acres wide. The hospitality of the staff is beyond compare. The main building of the resort is the 5-story ceiling with shimmering glass window dome and open cage elevator. The entire architecture is definitely breathtaking.
    Disney’s Grand Floridian Website

  • Delano

    – the lobby decoration of this resort will transport the guests to a mystical and magical world. It merges the reality, fantasy, and simplicity with style. The guest rooms are decorated in a simple style and full with private sanctuary. The domination of white evokes the feeling of relaxation as well as serenity. The additional amenities such as stereos, white candles, and such are all aimed to create the full relaxation. The back porch of the resort features the expanse of grass and crystal clear pool and surrounded with palm trees and hibiscus. The overall ambience and excellent hospitality makes this resort is just the right place to stay by the beach.
    Delano Website

  • The breakers

    – this resort is built on the 140 acres land area on the prime ocean property. It has the Italian style from the Renaissance era and already credited as the 5-star. The resort has golf courses of 18 holes, 10 tennis courts, wonderful spa, and fitness center with ocean view. Not to mention the beach club this is only half a mile from the private beach.
    The Breakers Resort Website

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