Luxury Vacations in Australia

Top Destinations for Luxury Vacations in Australia

Australia is always the great place to visit for a holiday. From summer to winter; there are places which can fulfill the holiday thirst. If you are going somewhere for the next holiday; certainly you cannot leave this continent out. Here are some luxury holiday destinations which offer different excitement.

Whale Beach, New South Wales

Located in the North side of Sydney; the Whale beach offers a luxury getaway. If you want to stay in the luxury resorts, Jonah’s Boutique hotel is the best choice. You can sit back and relax in the private balcony and enjoy the broad view of the ocean. No wonder that some famous celebrities such as Rod Steward, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Mick Jagger are also chosen this luxury boutique hotel. If you want more luxury touch and arrive in style; the private sea plane sounds very attractive. You can depart from Rose Bay in Sydney which is included in the hotel package includes the three-course dinner.
Jonah’s Boutique Hotel Website

Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, Queensland

Located in the highest peak of the Noosa’s Sunshine beach; you can expect more than just the average holiday. The shack has four bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, five bathrooms, billiards room, media room, pool, and the spectacular rooftop spa with the Coral Sea background. What is more luxurious than the rooftop spa? You can have maximal 12 of your friends or family to sleep in. Come on, invite your closest people and feel the winter warming with the best treat.
Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa Website

Byron Bay, New South Wales

The Byron Bay is part of the sleepy coastal town. It is very unique; the place for the hippie to hangout, the backpacker haven, and the luxury playground. If you want to gain some peace and throw out the stress, Gaia retreat and Spa is the place for you. Tai chi, yoga, meditation, cooking class, spas, and many more are just the small lists of the excitement. You do not even need your phone in this place; it is all the peace you get.
Gaia retreat and Spa Website

Wolgan valley, New South Wales

For those who fall in love with photography, the Wolgan Valley should never be ignored. The beauty of the valley with photography tour with a guide will just brush up the skill. Not to mention the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort to stay; the six stars resort has 40 luxury suites with terrace and private pool as well as the double-sided fireplaces. The very place is nominated as 100 incredible travel secrets. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do such as mountain hiking, horse riding, and 4WD tours.
Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort Website

Swansea, Tasmania

Taking a trip through dirt road for two kilometers to the secluded area in Swansea; The Rocky Hill retreat will give you an unforgettable moment. Surrounded by the dry bush, it has the valley background and facing the Maria Island. You can relax your mind with outdoor bath in the deck and witness the magnificent sunset. The luxury studio also provides complete equipment to draw, knit, and sculpt and many more. There you awake the art soul.
The Rocky Hill retreat Website

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