Luxury Vacations in Dubai

Luxury Vacations in Dubai You should Never Miss


When talking about luxury vacations, Dubai should certainly include in the lists. Dubai has been the most luxurious country in the world for good reasons. There are plenty of impossible things become possible only in Dubai. The combination of luxury and modern elements certainly brings you fascinating holiday experience. For the luxury traveller seeking for magnificent vacation in Dubai; here are top notch activities for your guide.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is literary heaven for shopping adventure; it is the world leader for luxury shopping. Impressive numbers of world class designer will fill your shopping lust in the Dubai Mall. Moreover, in the center of the mall, there is a giant fish tank for 10 million liters. Yes, it is right in the middle of the mall and you can straightly learn to dive. Perhaps, you prefer more dazzling things for like gold and diamond, the gold souk will be your must visit the spot to hunt those bling things.

Skiing in the desert

Yes, you heard it right; ski slopes in the desert. It only happens when you are in Dubai. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai ski is something you should never miss. It will be quite shocking when the outside temperature is like 50 degrees and then jump into the desert ski for about -4 degrees. But that is the excitement; of course, you do not need to worry about equipment and clothing since you can hire it in the place. If you want more relax feeling; there is a café-bar around in the mountain style. You can sit down and order something warm while relax you body and watch the fun. The most striking point of the Dubai ski is the colony of penguin. Family holidays with children will definitely love the friendly feathered bird.

The world’s richest race

After the European pursuit, the horse racing becomes the worldwide common activity. Dubai claims for having the five stellar racecourses. The race season will be held from November to March with certainly plenty top notch events in the evening as well. The peak of the racing is surely known as the Dubai World Cup; therefore, it is famous for the richest horse race in the world. The 2016 luxury race will take place at Meydan Racecourse. It is certainly a must visit events for luxury travellers.

Dubai waterpark

Dubai Waterpark

Do not claim you have visited Dubai before visiting the waterpark. The country claims to the two of 10 top notch waterpark in the world; the Aquaventure and Wild Wadi. The Aquaventure is a giant water wonderland; it has nine stories of mega slides, fantastic Splasher, lazy river, and children’s play arena. The excitement does not stop there, the 700m beach and underwater shark safari is certainly something worth to try.

Unrivalled view

Once you land on Dubai, do not miss the iconic building if this country. From the famous Palm Island to the magnificent Burj Khalifa; it is certainly an unforgettable moment. If you want something more adventure, you can take a helicopter for a ride and see the beautiful Dubai from above.

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