Luxury Vacations Travelling Tips

Best Luxury Vacations Travelling Tips


When you are in a luxury vacations; you certainly do not want to be bother with plenty luggage that you bring. The luxury travel is supposed to be the time for relaxing and pampering and should not worry about nothing else such as luggage. The key for perfect luxury travel is light packing and enjoy more. If you are heading for a luxury holiday soon; here are some packing light tips.

Make the lists of the clothes

Before start to pack you should make the lists of the clothes you are going to bring in the vacations. Count the day you will spend and match with the clothes you are going to wear. The most important is to stick with the list and not to pack more. The key to light packing is well-organized and stick to the lists.

Pack wise

Choose the items that you can wear for twice or more times. For example you bring one black pant with two shirts; you can wear the same pant with two different top instead of bring two pants. If the items cannot wear the same items for at least twice; it should not get into your trunk. The more durable the items, the lighter your trunk will get.

Do not bring work clothes

The main purpose of the vacation is to get the relaxation and fun and, of course, forget the work for a little while. Therefore, once you get into the resort and find the trousers you wear every Sunday; the stress will come back and the excitement gone. Forget the bloody work clothes for a while and get into short pants, bikinis, and a sun dress. Make it in the top list not to bring the clothes work when vacations. Just don’t.

Bring as little as you can

Clutches and shoes are two items which make the trunk heavier and it spends many spaces. You only need to pick two colors for each item; nude and black. One nude shoe and clutch and black clutch and shoes; those two colors work best with almost every color outfits that you bring. For a more comfortable vacation you should not leave flat shoes at home; bring one flat shoe of flip flops and one gladiator shoes that you can wear on the plane.

Bring fewer clothes

As you bring fewer clothes; you will have more space for shopping. If you need more clothes on vacation; you just can wear the clothes you buy. There is no reason to keep the clothes clean and wait until you get home. While you are on the beach, why you do not just wear the sundress and bring back those sweet memories with you.

Makeup and electronics

To save some more space, you can put the makeup in your handbag together with electronics, magazines, purse, and other things. As those are small things which tend to easily get lost, you can organize them in one bag.

Pack calm

Whatever you are going to bring; make sure not to pack emotionally. Pack when you are in peace mind or you will regret bringing unimportant items in the trunk.

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