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Private Island – Luxury Resorts – Where Dreams come trough !

A luxury holiday is not complete without a good privacy and exclusiveness as those aspects are on the top priorities of most luxury traveller. To achieve the purpose, private islands can be one of the best solutions for private and exclusive holidays as well. There are plenty private islands all over the world with various extravagant resorts to stay. Before you book one of those resorts, here we give you lists of splendid private islands and luxury resorts as well.

  • Motu Tane, French Polynesia

Bora Bora probably has all the luxury facilities the island can offer; however if the exclusive standard still not meet your standard, the Motu Tane island will suit you best. Boat riding for about 10 minutes from the main island, to reach there you need to cross the most stunning lagoon with crystal clear water. Once you arrive in the island, you will impress by the beautiful island as well as the private resorts. How private is the privacy? The resort can take maximal 26 guests only and exclusively rented to one group at one time. So, you can imagine the island and resort with only 26 guests. It gives all the private and luxury at the same time.
Motu Tane Website

  • Musha Cay, the Bahamas

This island is owned by the world-famous illusionist, David Copperfield. Located in precisely in Copperfield Bay, the Musha Cay Island is one of the total eleven islands in the bay. To reach there, you need to fly from Nassau for about 45minutes to the secluded Caribbean area the fly straight away to the private island. The Musha Cay has five guest houses which can accommodate maximal 24 guests. The guest house is located in the island’s highest points which give the guest panoramic view of the island and the surrounding. You also cannot miss the wonderful sandbar which looks like a white sand thin strip during the low tide. When the night comes, the guests can enjoy outdoor films on the beach.
Musha Cay Website

  • Amanwana, Indonesia

If Bali is your regular vacation spots in Indonesia, however, the more famous the island you also find it more crowded. You probably want to look at Moyo Island with the one only resort there, Amanwana resort. The island is located just on the east side Bali with only 350 square kilometers wide and surrounded with crystal clear turquoise water and natural reef. Renting the entire resort will give you exclusive access to the protected savannah, waterfalls, and jungle in the area. There are only 20 luxury tents for the accommodation with the options in beachfront tents or deep in the jungle canopy. The luxury tents have wood flooring, air conditioner, and king size bed. You can feel the wilderness with the luxury comfort. Moreover, a luxury cruises can also take you from this island to the nearest other islands such as Komodo Island to witness wild Komodo dragon in nature.
Amanwana Website

Private islands mean exclusive holidays; it can be your options to escape from the hustle and bustle city life. All natural and private is the best stress cure.

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