The A-list Celebrities Luxury Vacation Spots

The A-list Celebrities Luxury Vacation Spots


Running out of vacation ideas? The vacation spots that the celebrity used to visit can be the good suggestion. Even if you do not meet someone famous in the spots; the beautiful local wisdom and magnificent nature, as well as privacy and luxury, can make you feel the celebrity getaway. Here are some luxury vacation spots which also the famous celebrities favorite.

Gstaad, Switzerland

The name is synonymous to international jet set. Gstaad is a Swiss winter resort. It is a small picturesque village perched in the hilltop of Palatial Gstaad Palace. The place is mostly visited by Bond actors as well as European rich people. The Gstaad is famous for A-list partying, shopping adventure at Chi-Chi boutiques in the main street.

Miami, USA

The Miami South beach often becomes the subject of plenty songs and it is the definitely great place to hang out. Even though it is easy to spot on some famous faces wandering in the beach, there are some spots which usually the common place for famous people to hang out. You can go to Cecconi restaurants in Soho Beach House; you probably have the chance to bump into Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and many more.

Ibiza, Spain

Beach is always the perfect place for a holiday; from busy beach activity into secluded coves, Ibiza is the place where you can accidentally meet with one of those famous people. Ibiza is famous for clubbing; the heaven for party lover. Run into famous clubs and bars such as Pascha, Space, Café del Mar; the island attracts from Hollywood celebs to European footballers. fashionistas and famous DJs. Despite the hedonist and party heaven reputation; Ibiza has fascinating scenery with deserted beaches which is perfect for sunset drinks or after party cool down.

Dubai, Uni Arab Emirate

Dubai is the new icon of style and luxury; it is the ideal place for the rich and super rich people spend their holiday. The country is full with a face from televisions and magazines. The only seven starred hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab is the home for the super rich people get some relax and pamper. For less expensive choice, try the Dubai’s marina which is also full with modern yachts and VIP faces.


This small country is the place for the rich people spend their holiday. Jenson Button, Princess Stephanie, and Leonardo DiCaprio are spotted to spend sometimes in this country. Whether you just want to see famous faces or not; Monaco has striking scenery and plenty attractive places to visit. Restaurants, spas, casinos, 5 starred hotels, and nightclubs are just small lists of best place to visit.

Celebrities Luxury Vacation Spots


No one will deny that Maldives is the perfect luxury vacation spots. The year round warm sunshine, white sand beach and turquoise blue water is just the face of paradise. Maldives has long become the famous people spot for relaxing and enjoy all the luxury service. Some famous couples such as Katy Perry and Russel Brand, Jay-Z and Beyonce and even the Beckhams are also recently spotted in the Island.

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